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About Us

Founded in 2010, Driven Theater provides a safe environment that fosters change through education, empowerment, and

engagement.  Multidisciplinary artists create while audiences connect, receive, and release information. The work moves people to feel, think, and  act …


  • Empowered people who make change in their lives or the lives of others.

  • Connect individuals to information, their self, and others.

  • People moved to think, feel, and act.

  • Artists have a safe place to create, while audiences receive, release, and rejuvenate through education and engagement.


  • Informed sharing amongst groups of diverse peoples.

  • Honor and affirm varying artistic perspectives.

  • Equality in the balance of creation processes and product.

  • Giving voice to youth and other unheard populations.

  • Ensuring cost-efficient and effective processes and product.


  • Collaborate and consult with BIPOC partners and populations to creatively design unique works that are representative of authentic African American and/or BIPOC voices and stories to share with diverse audiences.

  • Produce works for professional adults and/or youth that highlight significant human issues.


  • For artists of all ages: identify talent, build trusting mentor/advisor relationships, refine technical & presentation skills, build repertoire, teach audience etiquette, share information about resources and opportunities, et. al.

  • Create and produce quality programming by and for Houston-based artists and arts organizations.

  • Audiences representing diverse communities across racial, social, cultural, economic, political, age, and gender identities.

  • Nurture partnerships with representatives of private, public, community, and governmental agencies on various platforms (conferences, educational programming, social services, corporations, non-profits, et. al.) to creatively communicate didactic material.

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