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Who we are

Rachel H. Dickson, LMSW, Founder of DTC, gained her inspiration for Driven Theater Company (DTC) while performing in children's theater in Chicago, IL. Rachel secured her Master of Social Work license and coupled that with a Master of Fine Arts in order to marry the creative and didactic.  She is intrigued by using the powerful tool of theater to examine the statistics that are all around us.  She has extensive acting, directing, writing, producing and teaching expressions to her credit













  • People empowered by information to make change in their lives or the lives of others

  • People connected to other people, themselves and information

  • People moved to think, feel, act

  • A safe place for artists to create

  • A safe place for audience to receive and release

  • Fun learning of didactic information

We value bringing people together around the sharing of information. All participants’ perspectives and artistic input are valuable. The process of creation is equally as valuable, and receives equal weight, as a quality product. We give voice to youth and other “unheard” populations through cost conscious process and product that uses time efficiently..


  • To validate the use of theater as a tool to discuss statistical, challenging, or didactic information

  • To present the stories of youth and “unheard” populations

  • To bring people together through the use of theater as a tool or medium

  • To educate and strengthen communities


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