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Rachel H. Dickson

LMSW, Founder of DTC

Gained her inspiration for Driven Theater Company (DTC) while performing in children's theater in Chicago, IL. Rachel secured her Master of Social Work license and coupled that with a Master of Fine Arts in order to marry the creative and didactic.  She is intrigued by using the powerful tool of theater to examine the statistics that are all around us.  She has extensive acting, directing, writing, producing and teaching expressions to her credit


Dr. Jolie Rocke

Co-Artistic Director

An acclaimed singer and music educator, has trained and provided performing opportunities for young artists for over 30 years. Jolie draws from her life experience when she takes the stage or works with aspiring artists. Her passion and unwavering dedication to music and the desire to pass it on to her students lead her to write, produce, lead master classes, lecture, direct community arts programs, and train aspiring singers as a private voice teacher, coach, and mentor. She is the Founder of HBCU Arts.

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